Japanese traditional culture Setsubun by English

I receive a request from a foreigner who often learns Japanese to teach me about Japanese culture.

In this article, I would like to express the Japanese winter traditional Setsubun in a foreign language.


What is Setubun(節分)

I share Japanese one of the famous traditions culture.

That would help the foreign people who want to learn Japanese culture.

Setsubun(節分)is the day that mean the division of seasons, it indicate to start spring season from winter.


As you know Janpan has 4 season, we have many word related to express the change of season.

Actually it doesn’t change season soon after the day of Setsubun(節分) goes on  , but Japanese person feel coming spring and expect warm culminate.

And there is essential food for the day of Setsubun(節分).

Japanese language say”Mame(まめ)”, that is soybean.

When coming the period of the Setsubun(節分), the supermarkets sale special soybean for  Setsubun(節分).

Japanese people has a habitation to eat soybean in our life like Nartto(納豆).

But this soybean of Setsubun is different from usual food.

Although foreign people can’t believe, Japanese people throw the beans without eating.

In ancient Japan, it was believed that demons would arrive at the turn of the season.

It is said that we can exterminate the demos to throw soybeans against them.

When throw soybean , there is the famous Japanese phrase , “out with the demon!In with good fortune(鬼は外、福は内)”.

Long time ago , Japanese people believe avoid unexpected sick and disaster and the happiness will come.

Of course , nowadays the demons doesn’t exist,so the people wear the demon’s mask to act demons.

After throw the soybeans , we eat the soybeans which is same as the number of the own age,finally  play the happiness of the years.

There is more information about Setsubun, so please check if you are interested.